The movement of water around the earth is essential to support life on Earth. Ocean water evaporates from the sun's rays, forming clouds, which are carried by the wind to the land. When the clouds get cold air, they turn into water and ice. In particular, this rainwater falls on the high ground near the sea and is carried back to the ocean. This cycle of water continues. There are many more studies on this water cycle.

Wet planet

Earth is the only planet in our solar system with rivers, lakes and oceans. It also has glacial glaciers and polar ice caps. Some water vapor condenses into small droplets in the atmosphere to form clouds.

Water cycle

The water cycle is driven by the sun. Water from oceans, lakes, wetlands, and plants is heated by the sun's rays, which evaporate and evaporate. This vapor is light so it goes up and turns into a cloud. The clouds get cold air and fall to the ground as rain (rain, hail or snow) before being carried back to the sea. Then the same process starts again.

It can take centuries for water to return to the ocean, and for some it may take even longer. Three-quarters of all freshwater on Earth is frozen like ice in the polar regions and in mountain glaciers. Other waters have been falling into natural underground reservoirs for thousands of years.

Flowing stream

Rainwater is carried away from the land in the form of streams and their rivers are formed. Flowing water cuts valleys and waterfalls into the landscape and carries sand and silt to lower lands. Here, the river flows more slowly and most of the silt in it falls down. Over time, the water flows back into the ocean.


Plenty of water seeps into the soil, especially in areas with porous rocks like limestone. The water sinks until it reaches the waterproofing layer, then flows sideways until a spring comes out of the rock.

Without the water cycle, life on land is impossible. There will be no trees and no animals can live without plants. There are parts of the world that have moved away from the water cycle, not clouds or rain. These places are as barren as the surface of the moon.

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