"No man has a chance to enjoy lasting success until he begins to look in the mirror at the true cause of all his faults".

The greatest known source of personal power: A Definite Main Purpose will tell you how to save the effort most people waste in finding their life's work, this thought will show you how to overcome aimlessness forever, how to keep your heart and hands in a fixed, well thought out direction.

With this statement of purpose of the course, you should be willing to go into reading this article with the feeling that your personality is undergoing a complete transformation. Without power you cannot enjoy any great success in life. You can never enjoy life unless you have enough personality to influence other people with a sense of harmony.

This article explains the underlying physiological and psychological principles.

A Definite Main Purpose will tell you how to save the effort most people waste in finding their life's work, this thought will show you how to overcome aimlessness forever, how to keep your heart and hands in a fixed, well thought out direction.

Confidence will help every person to master the six basic fears fear of poverty, fear of illness, fear of old age, fear of criticism, fear of losing one's love and fear of death. It will teach you the difference between arrogance and true confidence, which is based on solid usable knowledge.

The habit of saving teaches everyone how to distribute income systematically, so that some percentage of it accumulates steadily, thus becoming the greatest known source of personal power. No one can succeed in life without saving money, there is no solution to this rule and no one can escape it.

Initiative and Leadership will show you how to become a leader rather than a follower in your chosen field of endeavor. You will develop a leadership attitude and it will gradually take you to the top in all your undertakings.

Imagination will stimulate your mind, so you will generate new ideas and develop new plans, which will help you achieve your definite main goal. It will teach you "how to build new houses from old stones". It shows you how to create new ideas from old, well-known concepts and how to put old ideas to new uses.

Enthusiasm will enable everyone you come in contact with to show interest in you and your ideas. You must have the personality to influence others to cooperate with you.

Self-control is the balance wheel, with which you control your enthusiasm and where you want it to take you. This thought will teach you to become "Master of your destiny, captain of your soul" in the most practical way.

The habit of doing more than you get paid is one of the most important lessons in a successful law course because it teaches you how to take advantage of the law of increasing returns, which will ultimately ensure that you get more money back than the service you provide. No one can become a true leader unless he develops the habit of doing more and better than he is paid for in any area of ​​life.

A pleasant personality is the foundation. You must believe in your efforts and when placed wisely, it enables you to overcome mountains of obstacles. These efforts will develop you overnight. It will teach you how to change your personality so that you can easily dominate any environment or adapt to any other personality.

Right thinking is the vital foundation of all lasting success. This lesson teaches you how to separate fact from mere information. It teaches you how to organize known facts into two categories. It teaches how to determine what and what are important facts. It teaches you how to create a definite action plan based on facts to pursue any calling.

Concentration teaches you how to focus on one subject until you create a practical plan to master that subject. It will teach you how to live with others in such a way that you can use their full knowledge to support your own plans and goals. It will give you practical knowledge of the forces around you, show you how to harness these forces and use them for your own benefit.

Cooperation in everything you do will teach you the value of teamwork. This lesson will show you how to coordinate the efforts of others with your own efforts in such a way that friction, jealousy, strife, jealousy and greed are eliminated. You will learn how to use everything other people have learned about the work you are involved in.

Gaining from failure will teach you how to move on from all your past and future mistakes and failures. He will teach you the difference between failure and temporary defeat, which is a very big and important difference. It will teach you how to benefit from your own failures and the failures of other people.

Tolerance will teach you how to avoid the fatal consequences of racial and religious prejudice, which means the defeat of millions who have allowed themselves to be drawn into pointless debates on these subjects. Those who have poisoned their own minds, closing the doors to reason and investigation. This article is a companion to the open thinker, because one cannot be a clear thinker without practicing tolerance. Intolerance makes enemies of those who should be friends, destroys the opportunity and fills the mind with suspicion, mistrust and prejudice.

Following the Golden Rule will teach you to use this great universal human behavior in such a way that you will easily get harmonious cooperation from any person or group of persons. Lack of understanding of the law on which the philosophy of the Golden Rule is based is one of the major reasons for the failure of millions of people who live their whole lives in misery and poverty. This article has nothing to do with any religion, sectarianism or any other topic of this course.

This change in your behavior and response patterns puts you in perfect harmony with your environment. Such communication leads to success.

When you master these seventeen rules and make them your own, as you can in fifteen to thirty weeks, you will be ready to develop enough personal strength to achieve your definite master goal.

The purpose of these seventeen precepts is to develop or assist you with all the knowledge you have and all the knowledge you will acquire in the future so that you can transform this knowledge into power.

You should start teaching these laws to others whom you care about, because it is a well-known fact that the more we try to teach a subject, the more we learn about it. Power is one of the three basic commodities of human endeavour. Power is of two types, that developed through coordination of natural physical laws and that developed through organizing, classifying knowledge.

The power that grows out of organized knowledge is even more important because it puts in your hands a tool with which you can transform, redirect, and exercise some measure of power.

There are two major methods of gathering knowledge. The first is studying, classifying and assimilating facts organized by other people and the second is collecting, organizing and classifying facts commonly referred to as personal experience.

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