To better manage their time, managers should answer the following questions:

What is my time worth? How much do I get paid per hour? If I can save an hour every day, how much will this amount in a year?

what is my job What results can I expect? Am I fulfilling a predetermined, fixed purpose, or am I just drifting?

what was i doing At the end of the day, can I account for my time, or can I say to myself, where did the day go? I don't think I accomplished anything.

Am I doing the right thing? Am I involved in work activities that properly fall under the responsibility of my subordinates? What are the five most important tasks I need to do?

How do I spend/invest my time? What results do I see for the time spent on each activity? What will happen if some of these things are not done?

Am I goal oriented? Am I working towards quantifiable goals? Have I established performance standards for myself? For my people?

Have I planned anything? When I arrive at work in the morning, do I know what I want to accomplish that particular day? Have I established priorities? Have I decided on an important category?

Have I tried to control my work and schedule, time management? Is the job driving me or am I driving the job? Am I “suffering a little bit”, meaning bringing my work home more and more?

Do I delegate all possible tasks? Can I delegate more tasks to my colleagues or employees at work and to my spouse or children at home?

Does the time I spend at work affect my lifestyle? Am I enjoying life and having fun, or am I so stressed out from the pressures of poor time management at work that the stress spills over into my daily life?