Investors who purchase financial assets must develop the necessary skills to assess their risk and return. After developing the necessary skills, investors can apply them to analyze specific financial assets when considering their purchase or subsequent sale. Investors who want to lend to a consumer or business must have the skills to write legally enforceable contracts to protect their interests. After granting this loan, the investors have to monitor the financial condition of the borrower and if necessary take legal action if the borrower violates any of the provisions of the loan agreement. Although some investors may enjoy devoting free time to this task if they have the prerequisite skill sets, most find free time scarce and want compensation for sacrifices. Compensation may take the form of higher returns on investment.

In addition to the price of time opportunity to process information about financial property and its issuance, the cost of acquiring that information should be considered. Such prices are the cost of knowing the process. The cost of the contract is the cost of the writing loan agreement. Another aspect of the cost of the contract is the cost of applying the terms of the loan contract.

Financial intermediaries such as commercial banks and mutual funds are staffed by investment professionals trained to analyze and manage financial assets. In the case of loan agreements either standardized agreements may be drawn up or legal advisors may be part of the professional staff that involve more complex transactions. Investment professionals monitor the borrower's activities to assure compliance with the terms of the loan agreement and take action to protect the interests of financial intermediaries where there is any violation.

It is clearly effective to maintain such employees for financial intermediaries as their common business is to invest funds. There are some economies that provide information about financial property and in the process, because they have to provide two funds required to individual investors compared to these low cost due to the funds they managed.

> Financial property issuer (the result of low funding costs).

> Deposit for the benefit of investors who buy financial mediation financially.

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