Symptoms of poor time management

Poor time management is characterized by a combination of specific cognitive symptoms. Managers would do well to detect and reflect on whether they are subject to any of these symptoms with a view to taking necessary corrective action.

Some indicators of poor time management are as follows:

> Impatience

> Frequent delays

> Disappointment

> Constant running

> Chronic vacillation in options

> Difficulty setting and achieving goals

> Low productivity, energy and motivation

Why would I have so little time?

> Paperwork

> Trying hard

> Socialization

> Drop-in visitors

> Lack of planning

> Inability to say no

> Personal disorders

> Inadequate controls

> Poor communication

> Ineffective delegation

> Lack of self-discipline


> Responsibility unclear

> Telephone interruption

> Incomplete information

> Managing through crisis

> Leaving tasks unfinished

> Poorly organized meetings

> Inadequate staff and resources