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Hello everyone! 

Thanks for stopping here !

I'm suraj pahu from Mumbai.I had completed my HSC last year from karmaveer bhaourao Patil  university, Mumbai. I like to do painting, sketching and some creative work ,like as puzzle making , reading mysterious facts and stories, and making best out of waste.....

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

 I like to make new things and always do some creative because if we do some different it will be some creative and then it will be gave us new identity.

Chess is not always about winning. sometimes it's simply about learning and so is life.

 I like to play chess to improve my moves . As we all know  playing chess improve us thinking capability. It also enhanced problems solving ability.

Mathematics is not about numbers, equation, computation or algorithm, it is about understanding.

 I like to solve mathematics  equation  as well as my life problems.

Hello everybody welcome to my website ( ) don't worry! study means not only the study of our regular school, college subjects... Everyone has interest in different things and they feel to study in that subject . I also like the one subject which is very close to my heart and I get lots of knowledge in that subject but this subject is to much wast we never ever complete this subject in our life. Did you guess which subject is this? 

 This is art. Art speaks where words are enable to explain guy's I collect lots of information and mysterious stories regarding art. And I like to share with you all. Because we all know knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving.

 In my website I gave you lots of information regarding ancient art, warli art, history of paintings, stone age paintings ,how they are formed, who made that beautiful and wonderful arts at that time, and how they was use colours and all regarding painting, art, and all creatures. 

 I will not only share the information of arts but also I will share 

You the information about artist. 

I am glad for that you all are getting information from my website. 

Thank you guy's for reading.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.